Reverse Osmosis (5 Steps Water Filtration System)

Reverse Osmosis (5 Steps Water Filtration System)

Features & Benefits
• Five stage treatment for superior performance.
• Comes with booster pump for proper pressure requirements.
• 50 GPD membrane (Made in USA).
• Designer chrome faucet with ceramic disc for greater durability.
• Genuine John Guest® fittings throughout for optimum security.
• 3/8” post filter and 3/8” tubing to faucet for greater flow.
• Assembled in USA.
• Certified by NSF International (Std. 58) for third party documentation.
• Certified to NSF / ANSI Std. 58 for Pentavalent Arsenic reduction.
• One year limited Warranty from date of purchase.

What is reverse osmosis?
Sometimes shortened to the acronym RO, these systems force water, under pressure, into a module that contains a semipermeable membrane and a number of other filtration steps. A typical RO system has a prefilter designed to capture larger particles, chlorine, and other substances; a semipermeable membrane that captures more contaminants; an activated carbon filter that removes residual taste, odor, and some organic contaminants; and a storage tank to hold the treated water for use. For more information, click the following link: softened water corrosive?

What are you waiting for? Get Purified Water today, at the comfort of your home!
Many people know that city-processed water, commonly known as tap water, is considered safe to drink. However, many people don’t know that tap water is full of chemicals such as chlorine, visible sediment, Fluosilicic Acid (Chemical version of Fluoride from Aluminum Waste, and pharmaceutical waste. When presented with these facts, many become scared to drink tap water, but there is a process to remove it, and that is by a reverse osmosis. A reverse osmosis system is able to purify the tap water to remove 99% of harmful material. The PH+ Alkaline Water Filter works in conjunction with the reverse osmosis system to restore minerals removed by the purification process. Many people are aware of alkaline ionizing machines, but these do not purify the water, they just simply filter the water to remove chlorine and not much else. It is important to not only drink alkaline water, but to also make sure that it does not possess chemicals and other harmful byproducts that appear in non-purified water.

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